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Hi! I’m Myrt.

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I’d love to sit down and chat with you, so, take a seat, a beverage of your liking and let’s roll into it!

When in 2016 I finally got my motorcycle license I quickly knew that this was going to be my life time passion. Now I know for sure riding all kinds of motorcycles is what I want to be doing always and it is what I want to built my life around! So today I run the Motomyrt shop to provide you with relatable motorcycle designs to bring your passion into your daily life, all products are illustrated and designed by me, so don’t just hang around, just take a look!

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Riding and active on the platform Instagram since 2016 Motomyrt became a page to follow if you wanted relatable no-nonsense and real content. Behind Motomyrt is a face that’s 100% real, no filters and with a passion just as big (if not bigger) as yours!

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"In 2016 I got my riders license, today, I am so in love with this passion I run a fulltime business around it!"

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