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Racename design

How cool! You have got your track bike, a real racing suit, and you might even have your racing license.. But, something is missing, a thing all those cool big MotoGP guys have. A personal Racing logo..!! Well, no worries, Myrt has got you. Motomyrt can design your racing logo for you, and we even partnered up with the company “de Zilveren Naald” here in The Netherlands. These guys are specialized in making your motorcycle gear fit a bit better, and they also have the possibility to print your logo and place it on your suit. How awesome is that! You’ll have a motorcycle suit like no one else. Just hit that button above if you are interested and contact us for the possibilities.

Panic the YouTube and Social Media Influencer

For who isn’t new to ‘Motorcycle’ Social Media, Ranic must sound familiar, and that’s because he is! With over 60K of followers on instagram he is well known in the instagram moto community.

This logo was tailored especially for him, with a character of his own motorcycle and an owl on top, a hint to his last name. The R in the name Ranic also has a finish flag worked into it. Something which was taken from his old logo, which was just his plain name with a finish flag at the back. Easily said, this was an awesome piece to work on!

Rick’s Racing logo, not all my work

For his 30th birthday, my partner Rick got a character designed by a cartoonist for himself. An awesome present, and he immediately wanted to use it everywhere! For his racing suit though, it was a bit “empty” since his name wasn’t there. 

That’s where I and a friend of ours came in! A friend made a name logo a couple of years back (see above), and Rick still liked this very much, though he really wanted his character in there as well.. so I implemented the text and put it together with the designed character. Updated everything to make it look smooth and made for each other, and now this specific logo is even shining on our very own car..! Easily said he really likes it, I guess ;-).

A surprise for our friend Bram.

Because our good friend Bram had been helping us out a lot lately with our track days and on Ricks Racing weekends, we thought it would be polite to do something for him in return. That’s why I designed this logo for him, with his number and special additions to make the name look “faster”. He already has it placed on his suit by de Zilveren Naald as well.

It is so cool to look at, he definitely has a personal suit which no one else has!

And so can you, send us an e-mail and we’ll talk about all the possibilities!